Life getting better (Poem)

Life getting better
There was time when it took man days and weeks on end to  get things done and with very great difficulty.
He traveled on foot for hours to get to a place.
He relied on his own labor to paddle his banca across the river.
He used his strength and cunning to trap animals and kill them for food.
He had to wait patiently to send or receive word from others.
He had to seek shelter on caves when darkness fell and the weather was unfriendly.
During all his waking and sleeping hours ,he was at the mercy of nature and the environment .
Man was no better off than animals.
But them man used his mind to find out how  he might use things about him to his advantage.
He used animals to take him to far place.
He took advantage of wind directions to move his banca across rivers and seas.
He raised some animals for home use.
He invented the telephone and the postal service to carry messages to place near and far.
He designed better homes which provided him with shelter and comfort in all kinds of weather.
Man made use of his God-given talents and because of this, man rose higher than the animals.
And so today,
Man has many rides to choose from whenever he moves about -
Jeepneys, cars, buses for the land,
Yachts, liners, submarines for the sea,
Helicopters, airplanes, jets for the air.
He has invented appliances to keep his food fresh, cook various dishes, and do chores for him,
He has come up with the telephone, radio, television, and the fax machine.
And so at anytime of the day, man is aware of what is happening the world over.
Today man home has tools primitive man never dreamed of -
Electric fans, air conditioners, alarms, escalators, sliding doors.
Truly, man has built a better world for himself.
He has widened the gap between himself and the others animals.
He has brought most of nature under his control to work for his benefit.
Man has indeed become the master of creation
As God intended him to be.

Think it Over
1.       What does man refer to in the poem?
2.       In the first stanza, how did man live in prehistoric times, before the advent of civilization?
3.       In the second stanza, what changes in man’s life were brought about by his discoveries?
4.       At the present time, what are the things enjoyed by man?
5.       Do you think man’s discoveries also have disadvantages? If yes, what are they?
6.       How can man widened the gap between himself and the other animals and yet continue to preserve nature?
7.       How can man become the master of creation?


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