Robots, Cry Too (Short Story)

Robots, Cry Too
An Adaptation
As Robie entered the bookstore, his sensor noticed an attractive sign by the shelves of greeting card. It read, “Always give your family a gift of love.” Then, the labels Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, and Friend flashed against Robie’s sensor. His antennae dropped as he thought, “What is a love one? What is a family? What is a mother, a brother, a sister, or a friend?”
            Then, up came a pretty girl. She looked at some gift items at a nearby counter. Robie’s sensor light blinked red. A human child like the girl would know about family.
            Robie bodly asked her, “Tell me please, what is a loved one? What gift do you give your loved one?”
            ‘Sorry, but I don’t know, “came the reply. “I don’t usually give them anything. Father, Mother, my sister Alice, and my little brother Joshua don’t expect anything from me, anyway. But perhaps, this time… Excuse me. I have to go.” And the pretty disappeared.
            Robie thought about the girl’s reply. He thought he now had an idea of the meaning of loved one, family, and so on. But he had an errand to do and he set about it. He delivered a box of Thank You-cards to the manager of the bookstore. And for this, he received a hundred-peso bill. As he received the money, his sensory light quickly flashed green. The pretty girl appeared once more. This time, the girl went to the greeting card shelves. With her little fingers, she picked out one card after another, read the message, and the, turned it over to see the tag price, then she shook her head as she quickly returned each card and to the shelf. Once more, she disappeared from Robie’s sensor.
            Just then, the pretty girl reappeared. She now had with her a little box that jingled with coins. She poured out the coins. She poured out the coins at the counter.
            With a smile, the store cashier said, “Looks like you’re ready to spend your savings.” ‘Yes, I am,” the pretty girl replied. “I’ll give my family these little gifts as a sign of my love even if they already know I love them. Exactly, eighty pesos for this comb for Mother, a handkerchief for Father, a pencil case for my brother, and a set of crayons for my sister.”
            Hearing this, Robie’s antennae stood straight up. His sensor flashed purple. The pretty girl’s family was so lucky, he thought. He rolled up to the pretty girl.
            Holding out the cards, Robie pleaded, ‘Please accept this greeting card for you and give the rest of your family. Tell them that a small robot loves them.”
            Tears of joy rolled down Robie’s metallic eyes as he rolled out of the bookstore, his wheels clicking noisily and merrily, perhaps the most merrily ever!

Think It Over
1.       How do you know that Robie is a robot?
2.       What questions did Robie this when his sensor noticed a sign and labels at the greeting card shelves?
3.       What did Robie request for the pretty girl to do with the greeting cards he bought?
4.       What strong and happy feeling did Robie express to the pretty girl?
5.       Would you wish you were Robie? Why or why not? 


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